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Sustemy is launching early 2021.

In the run up to our launch we will be offering very large discounts on all our courses. The sooner you enroll in a course, the bigger the discount. Plus You can enroll in as many courses as you like.

Here is how to enroll: Click on the courses button below, select a course you want to take and use the discount code Launch2021 on checkout.

Use the discount code: sustemyoffer2021


Running up to the launch we are aiming to add at least one new course a week. Courses to be added before the launch include:

Climate and Buildings – part 2 in a 7 part series on Passive Design by Dr. Roshni Udyavar Yehuda. Part 1 is Solar Passive Design.

Three additional courses in the 5 part Energy Audit Series by Bruce Rowse. Part 1, Commissioning and Managing an Energy Audit, is already available.
– The Process of Managing an Energy Audit – part 2
– Energy Fundamentals – part 3
– Tools for Energy Audits – part 4

Carbon Disclosure – an Introduction to Corporate Responsibility and Risk Management by Natali Gomez Leguizamo

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy with SDG Framework by Anabell Villanueva

Fundamentals of an Energy Management System by Brian Pittard.

Could I also ask a small favour too? Sustemy aims to make sustainability education affordable everywhere. With a focus on quality training, every course has an assessment, and micro-credential if you pass the assessment. Completing a course series and passing the assessment for the series results in a certificate of competency.

Achieving this is no small task. We need lots of people taking our courses to fulfill our mission of making sustainability education affordable everywhere. So please, could you refer your friends and colleagues? For every one of your colleagues or friends who enrolls in a course based on your referral, you’ll get 20 points*. Get a total of 100 points, and you can take any course free! And, as a pre-launch special offer, for every friend *referred by you who enrolls before our launch you’ll get 40 points. 

*Your friends will need to enroll using your affiliate link. Follow the instructions in the email you’ll receive after enrolling to get your affiliate link.

Wait there is more. Enroll pre-launch and you’ll get a 20 point enrollment bonus. But sorry, no steak knives!

And, by enrolling pre-launch, you’ll go into our pre-launch competition to win one of ten free one-hour consultations with Bruce Rowse. The more people you successfully refer to take courses, the higher in the ranking you climb. If you are in the top 10, you’ll get a free consultation.

Remember, the sooner you enroll before our launch, the bigger the discount.

*Points are valid for 12 months.

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