Each week Ellen Didrichsen from BigIdeasGrowingMinds publishes a, short, animated summary of a book related to leadership development and personal growth. This week we bring you Profit Wise, by Jeff Morrill.

Apply Profit Wise to your sustainability businesss

Apply Profit Wise to your Sustainability Business

Thinking about the concepts shown in the video ask yourself:

  1. By being focussed on Sustainability you are already taking the High Road. But what else could you do to contribute to People and the Planet?
  2. Have you crafted values for your company, and communicated them?
  3. Morrell has a succinct definition of the role of leadership in a business, one that perhaps you haven’t heard before (I certainly haven’t, I like his definition). What do you think of this?

I’d love to get your comments on these questions, but particularly the last one, in the comment box.

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