Now, more than ever before, being environmentally responsible is a necessity, rather than a way of life. No longer entrenched in the realm of hippies, thrift shoppers, and early adopters, sustainability has become a legitimate concern and goal for us all. As the Earth’s climate changes accelerate, it is critical that we incorporate sustainable practices into our lives, whether personally or professionally.

For some, making changes in their own lives is not enough, and they want to contribute in a professional capacity by seeking a career in sustainability. While quoting David Attenborough as an inspiration does not necessarily make you unique, many people are inspired to action by the incredible footage that we see in the news and in documentaries. The damage we have done to the Earth and the suffering of its most vulnerable communities becomes more and more visible to us, but so do the solutions that are required to fix it. We are more educated and aware than previous generations about what we are doing wrong and how to turn our current trajectory around.

Sustainability is no longer a niche; it’s here to stay. Commercial and industrial sectors are starting to incorporate sustainability as a fundamental part of doing business. From waste management, to fashion, to energy efficiency, even education has made sustainability a priority. As a result, there are a huge variety of opportunities available to job seekers and new graduates looking to make a difference in their profession, and these will continue to grow.

Read our list below for our top tips to excel in your sustainability career:

Get involved

Key Tips to Excel in Your Sustainability Career
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Internships and volunteer work are a great way to get involved in your field of interest. They are great for helping you identify which areas or topics really interest you, and which don’t (which is equally important!). You’ll get valuable experience and exposure to the practicalities of applying sustainability in business. An internship or volunteer work both look great on a CV and will kick off your green networking skills. While not everyone is able to work for free on a full-time basis, even a part-time or remote role will still impress your future employers.

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Develop your knowledge

Develope Knowledge in Sustainability
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Careers in sustainability are heavily linked to developments in research and technology. If you’re interested in a career that involves some of these more technical aspects, keep your knowledge up to date. Reading and research is not just for assignments! There might be an industry journal or newsletter than you can subscribe to and keep up to date on the latest developments. You can customize your feed on various news apps to make sure you get the latest info about your area of interest, and don’t forget to look outside of your region to stay current.

Take the initiative

Take the initiative in a Sustainability Project
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Take the initiative yourself and start a sustainability project at your current work. Perhaps you can’t volunteer or take a course, but you can leverage your passion to make changes where you are. If you’re a career changer, keep your cross-over potential in mind and look for ways to bring sustainability into what you already do, or bring your existing skills and knowledge into a new position. Showing your drive will help you stand out from the crowd.

Take industry-related courses

Take industry-related Sustainabiltiy courses
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Industry-related courses and training are a great way to upskill quickly or learn about a niche topic that wasn’t covered in your previous studies. Many courses are available online to complete at your own pace and can even provide you with additional certification. Talk to someone who is on a career path that you want, and they may be able to recommend courses or skills that you can work on before you apply for your next job.

Our knowledge about the connection we have with the Earth continues to develop, and each new generation brings novel solutions and technologies to the problems we face. Careers in sustainability are booming, and there will be no shortage of roles for people who are concerned with the need to develop a greener world.

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Get new Sustainability Jobs once a week in your inbox, and special offers on Sustainability Training

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