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Induction cookers are far more efficient than traditional electric and gas stoves because have a built-in technology that saves up to 70% in energy usage, effectively reducing your electric bills. What are induction cookers and how long can you keep using them? To find out why induction cookers are energy efficient, read on. 

What Are Induction Cookers

Induction cookers are devices that use electromagnetic waves to heat vessels such as pans or pots. These pots and pans become their own heat source once you place them on an induction surface. Unlike a gas burner where the flame heats the pan, the pan heats food directly by turning the pan itself hot (i.e., the pot is the “flame” itself).

Electromagnetism is the process of allowing a cooktop surface to heat the cooking vessel, making induction cookers unique and efficient. You have accurate and rapid control of a rise or drop in temperature. If you need to engage in more time-consuming tasks such as boiling water, you can adjust the induction cooker to heat faster. 

Traditional cookers lack the level of efficiency of induction cookers have. Moreover, the prices of standard induction cookers have been dropping in recent years. Meanwhile, manufacturers are  innovating to improve the beneficial features. 

Infographic of how energy efficient are induction cookers

Alt-text: Infographic of how energy efficient are induction cookers

How Much Can You Save

Studies prove that induction cookers are far more efficient than traditional methods like gas stoves and electric devices. They can save as much as 70% compared to other types of cookware.  

Please see the table below:

LPG Gas StoveInduction Cooker
Unit Definition1 cylinder (14.2 kgs LPG)1 kWH
Energy per unit (in Mega Joules)6553.6
Energy per unit (in Mega Joules) factoring efficiency2623.0
Overall efficiency (useful energy out / energy in)40%83%
Needed units to heat 10 liters of water0.0121.042
Cost per Unit*$5.45 (subsidized)
$11.60 (Non-subsidized)

*Varies by country. Generally the prices of both gas and electricity in this table are lower than may found in many countries. 

The above table shows that the induction units are more than twice as efficient as LPG in converting raw energy into useful heat. It also shows that induction cookers are about 18% cheaper when compared to gas. Note, however, that the efficiency and pricing level depends upon cooking practices and location. 

Other Induction Cooker Benefits

Safe for Family Use

Inductions cookers only heat up when the proper cookware is placed on the cooking zone. Compared to electric or traditional gas cookers, they easily cool off. In short, induction cookers automatically shut down when the cooking vessel is removed. There’s little chance of a family member accidentally getting scaled. Even unruly cats or dogs can safely make contact with an induction cooktop. 

You can even place dry material on an induction cooktop, and it won’t burn. But what if a kid places ceramic or glass there? No worries. These won’t burn either since induction cooktops only work with cookware made of cast iron, steel, and other ferrous materials. 

Quick Meal Preparations

Since induction directly transfers heat to your cooking medium, foods cook faster. You can prepare a meal in a shorter period of time. If you feel like having coffee and tea, you can quickly boil water. A practical example: an 1800-watt induction cooker can boil five gallons of water in 22 minutes, while a 12,000 BTU gas burner completes the task in 36 minutes. 

With faster preparation of meals, you can spend more leisure time with your loved ones.

Infographic of how fast you can cook your food with induction cookers

Better Control of Temperature and Settings

While cooking, you can control the temperature of induction cookware accurately compared with the traditional electric ring stove tops. That minimizes the risk of under or overcooking; making it easier to get consistent cooking results. You will serve better meals for your family and guests. Induction cookware is a great convenience in the kitchen; plus, you won’t sweat as much while cooking. 

Aside from temperature control, induction cookers also come with timers and buttons for braising meat, use as a hot pot, preparing soup, and frying. With the manual cooking power level of an induction cooker, you can easily adjust the heat level. 

Easy to Swipe and Clean

Induction cookers have a smooth glass cooktop, similar to traditional electric cookware. Once you’re done cooking, you can easily wipe clean the cooktop. Just grab a soft sponge or clean rag, and cleaning is done quickly. But don’t use steel wool or abrasive cleaners.

Easy and fast cleaning comes in handy, especially if you’re a busy mom or dad performing the usual parental duties. This also applies working professionals who have limited time to tend to kitchen tasks. 

Not Too Bulky

Induction cookers are ideal for small rooms like dorm units, office kitchens, tiny apartments, motor homes, and boats. Since they only occupy a small area, you will have more space for other kitchen appliances. 

Should You Upgrade?

If you’re into cooking efficiency, upgrading to induction cooktops is a wise move. With efficiency and energy savings, you will see lower monthly bills while doing your part to protect the environment. Induction cookers are not only an efficient option but also an easy-to-use and highly-performing device which are easy to cook with. Plus, it is convenient and comes with increased safety features. Are induction cookers energy efficient? The answer is a resounding yes!

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