Energy Services and Technology Association

As the UK’s energy management authority, the organization is dedicated to lowering energy usage through technology and expert services. ESTA actively promotes the economic benefits of reducing energy demand through efficiency and control.

With over 30 years of experience in energy management, ESTA is a leader in the industry’s development. They have a well-known and impressive track record of advocating for their members’ interests at the highest levels in the UK, Europe, and worldwide.

The organization aims to reduce energy consumption by applying technology and expert services.

The strategic objectives are:

  • Promote the economic benefits of energy demand reduction, energy efficiency, and management to all demand-side users and professionals.
  • Raise energy reduction, efficiency, and management awareness with bodies of influence.
  • Ensure that membership enhances the business proposition of member companies.

With all the preceding, ESTA members provide the following:

  • unrivaled expertise and are best placed to provide independent advice to energy end-users;
  • market-leading energy management products, technology, and services;
  • significant levels of energy and carbon savings to energy end-users in the public and private sectors;
  • full ESCO (Energy Contracting) services which guarantee substantial energy savings; and
  • in-depth knowledge of funding mechanisms for purchasing energy-efficient products and services.

Australian Clean Energy Council (CEC)

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is Australia’s peak body for the clean energy sector. It is an industrial group with over 600 member companies.

CEC is committed to transforming Australia’s energy system into a more innovative, cleaner design. The CEC accomplishes this by:

  • Providing a strong voice for their members
  • Standing up for the industry
  • Developing and driving effective policy and advocacy
  • Working with the industry to continually improve standards and maintain the integrity
  • Working closely with local, state, and federal governments to increase demand for clean energy products
  • Providing services and initiatives to members and the broader industry that help to grow the sector
  • Promoting the clean energy industry

CEC’s policy and advocacy work give all members a powerful voice that influences and accelerates the adoption of renewable energy in Australia.

They also place a strong emphasis on raising standards and maintaining industry integrity. They accomplish this in a variety of ways, including the accreditation of solar installers across Australia, the maintenance of lists of approved modules, inverters, and battery energy storage products, the operation of an Approved Solar Retailer program, the development of guidelines, and participation in the development of Australian Standards.

Why should you get a certification?


A certification officially acknowledges one’s abilities, knowledge, and competency. It is a method of demonstrating that you have the relevant qualifications for a job.

There are numerous advantages to becoming certified. You can improve your career prospects, get a higher salary, and gain more respect from your peers.

You get certified because of the following reasons:

Gain Credibility: If you are starting your job and want to make a name for yourself, acquiring a certification from an objective institution can help.

Increase Your Marketability: If you’re looking for a new job or changing careers, certifications can give you an edge by giving you an advantage throughout the hiring process.

Employer Preference: On job postings, employers frequently list industry credentials as a “preferred” qualification. Employers often offer industry credentials as a preference to avoid screening out too many candidates.

Increase Your Chances for a Promotion

Personal fulfillment and professional development: If you’re feeling stagnant, setting a goal to obtain an industry certification may be what you need to push you forward. Furthermore, a certificate might boost your confidence as a subject matter expert.

Gain New Skills and Expertise: If you want to expand your knowledge in a specific area or keep current on technology, you should consider attending a workshop or course that meets your particular need.

Become an Expert Consultant: If this is your primary purpose, obtaining a respected credential in your industry is critical. It helps to have a certificate that others regard as challenging to be viewed as an expert; if everyone has the certification, it does not make you stand out as much as if the certificate is scarcer. Ensure that your credentials are obtained from a legitimate and well-respected institution in your field.

Why the Sustainability Education Academy (SUSTEMY)?

Sustemy is your partner in advancing your career, professional and personal goals, knowledge, and expertise in sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our courses are accredited by E. S. T. A. (Energy Services and Technology Association), and you can also get CEC CPD points by taking two (2) of our courses.

In advancing the sustainability efforts, we are here to partner with you in gearing you with all the necessary skills and knowledge.

To sustainability!

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