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Electrical and mechanical engineers design, create, specify and ensure the effective operation and maintenance of machines that use energy. Meanwhile, energy managers and energy auditors plan and implement measures to use energy efficiently.

Both electrical and mechanical engineers are engineering professions that cover broad disciplines and transition to various roles. Electrical and mechanical engineers are among the most well-paid occupations in the United States. 

The potential salary for these two professions will won’t increase should they pass energy auditor or energy manager certification, but does open up additional opportunities. This article will discuss the difference between an energy manager and energy auditor salary compared to that of an electrical or mechanical engineer. 

Salaries Side by Side

Many professionals in the home performance trades are turning to a specialization in energy auditing to access higher-paying positions. Electrical and mechanical engineers may also find new and exciting opportunities in the sustainability industry. 

Investing in an education that will garner you a certificate as an energy auditor or energy manager is worth every penny. Aside from a possible increase in income, it affords more options for future employment. 

Look into the salary of these four professions to choose the best career path.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer is responsible for designing, creating, testing, and supervising the production of electrical equipment. 

Electrical engineers in the United States earn a median annual wage of $101,780, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). 

SourceBase Annual Salary Median Annual Salary$65,568$82,108$64,492$74,257$85,887$92,331

Mechanical Engineer

A mechanical engineer by contrast designs, develops, specifies and maintains machines used in different industries such as automotive and manufacturing. 

Based on the BLS’s database, local mechanical engineers secure a median annual wage of $95,300.

SourceBase Annual  SalaryMedian Annual  Salary$73,695$88,698$63,272$72,486$75,096$84,130

Energy Manager 

An energy manager is responsible for monitoring, planning, and improving the energy usage of a property or facility. They may also recommend energy-saving technologies that clients can take advantage of. 

The U.S. BLS does not have concrete data for the salary of energy managers in the country. However, you can refer to the data of popular wage-monitoring websites.

SourceBase Annual  SalaryMedian Annual  Salary$85,885$113,674$93,113$110,172$79,342$101,477

Energy Auditor

An energy auditor checks the energy efficiency of a residential, industrial, or commercial property. They also identify areas and equipment within a facility that might be wasting energy. 

Engineers who become energy auditors will typically focus on commercial or industrial energy audits. Residential energy auditors typically aren’t electrical or mechanical engineers, but may come from a trades background. 

As in the case of energy managers, the US federal government has no clear data on the usual salary of energy auditors. Thus, we have to look into the data of leading employment portals. 

SourceBase Annual  SalaryMedian Annual  Salary$61,975$89,503$44,678$50,282$74,241113,620

The figures above are just estimates and constantly subject to change. Several factors can influence salary:

  • Education
  • Additional skills
  • Number of years in the profession
  • Certifications

Moreover, some locations are more favorable than others. California, for example, offers the highest median salary for energy managers at $91,519.

What Career Path Should You Choose

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Your career path depends upon your goals, motivations, and resources. 

Electrical and mechanical engineers already have a head start on energy auditor or energy manager certification.

If you don’t have a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, other pathways exist to get into the sustainability industry. 

You can check the details of How to Become an Energy Manager and Energy Auditor as part of your due diligence. 

Factors to Consider

Mapping out a career can be pretty complicated since people’s goals often change throughout their lifetime. While switching to another industry can be pretty appealing, it’s not the only good move toward success.

Whether aiming to be an energy manager or an energy auditor, it’s crucial to weigh several factors aside from an energy manager’s or energy auditor’s salary.

Your Attitude

People have various personalities and prefer different working environments. A career in the sustainability industry tends to be challenging, but more fulfilling. You will have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other professionals. 

In short, it takes a certain temperament and attitude to succeed as an energy auditor or manager.

Strengths and Talents

Energy managers and auditors are adept at gathering and analyzing data. Furthermore, they constantly update themselves on the latest energy-saving technologies and practices. 

Before considering a career as a sustainability specialist, it is essential to evaluate your strengths and talents. In doing so, you can easily navigate the hiring process of most companies or organizations.

Job Availability and Location

According to the 2020 BLS data, the demand for workers in the sustainability niche is expected to grow by eight percent over the next ten years. However, some states like California and Texas pay better than others.

Depending upon the availability of this position, you may have to move to another state or commute for a few hours. You will also need to consult with your family to find out if they are amenable to such changes. 

Infographic of what you need to become an energy auditor

Becoming an Energy Auditor

Sustainability Education Academy (Sustemy) offers various courses and training to help you succeed as a sustainability professional. Sustemy’s programs are specifically designed to assist you in learning new skills and pass certification exams.

If you plan to be an Investment Grade Energy Auditor, our team of experienced instructors can help you learn about energy auditing, before you then undertake the exam. Create your Sustemy account today and be part of the energy-saving revolution that is securing the planet’s future.

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