Energy Audit tools

A complete collection of energy audit tools for measurements and diagnostics is crucial to the success of an energy survey. These tools help the energy auditor to assess the energy profile of a residential, commercial, or industrial property. It also allows them to identify inefficient energy use brought by faulty equipment and design flaws.

The data gathered by the energy auditor is then used to make recommendations on how to improve the energy system.

Top 8 Energy Audit Tools 

An energy auditor utilizes a range of tools when performing an energy survey. Below are some commonly used tools, in no particular order:

1. Tape Measure

Energy auditors use it to measure the distance between two points or the dimensions of walls, ceilings, windows, and other parts of a property. Energy auditors may use more modern distance measuring tools such as laser measure

2. Flow Meter

An energy auditor will use a flow meter to determine flow rates. Clamp-on flow meters may be used in conjunction with temperature measurements to measure thermal energy in hot water and chilled water. You’ll be surprised how this is actually one of the most useful energy audit tools there is.

3. Infrared Thermometers

These tools monitor temperatures on HVAC, furnaces, and heaters to determine possible inefficiencies. Infrared thermometers and cameras (thermal imaging systems) can also be used to analyze a building’s envelope for airtightness and insulation.

4. Temperature and Humidity loggers

Temperature and humidity loggers can be used to determine the effectiveness of an HVAC system. Temperature loggers can be used to monitor the status (on or off) of a wide range of energy-using equipment.

5. Combustion Analyzer

A combustion analyzer is a portable instrument that determines the combustion efficiency of boilers, furnaces, and machines that rely on fossil fuel. These are also used by service technicians to tune burners and boilers in order to maximize efficient operation.

6. Power Meter

Energy auditors use power and energy meters to determine the energy usage of individual items of plant or equipment. They may also be used to build up a load profile of time-of-day power draw and energy usage.

7. Airflow Measurement Devices

Energy inspectors use these tools to measure the airflow from ventilating ducts, heating, and air conditioning. They can detect potential airflow problems. Typical airflow monitors include anemometers, velometers, pitot tubes, and airflow hoods.

8. Power Quality Analyzer

An electrical network analyzer is a portable device that can detect various electrical network parameters simultaneously. More advanced than an energy or power meter, they enable an analysis of power quality and can be used to determine the total harmonic distortion associated with an electrical load. Although quite expensive, we do recommend that you get this one as part of your energy audit tools.

Infographic of more energy audit tools

Energy Audit Software Tools 

Aside from various portable equipment, energy auditors also use several software tools to do their job more efficiently. These apps can perform complex energy-related calculations and create energy-efficient reports.

The following are some some examples of energy audit software tools:

1. EMAT Field Auditor

This software can collect audit data, generate reports, and improve lighting projects. They also offer audit services compliant with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

EMAT Field Auditor is entirely cloud-based and offers customizable templates. You can also process load profiling, utility data, and even photo logs. The company also provides consulting services.

2. Weatherization Assistant

Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed this tool as part of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Weather Assistance Program. This suite of energy audit tools can help identify and implement energy conservation measures (ECM).

Furthermore, this is one of the energy audit tools that is meant to assist users in weatherizing their facilities or properties. It also has a Health and Safety Audit program useful for properties undergoing energy-efficiency remodeling or retrofitting.

3. OptiMiser

Many energy auditors use this modular software to collect, exchange, and outline data. It prides itself as an advanced energy analysis tool with streamlined workflow and accurate reports. It’s business-friendly and is integrated with database systems like Oracle, MySQL, and Salesforce.

The software also features automated utility bill analysis and calibration. Moreover, it has intuitive worksheets and spreadsheet calculators. They mainly target residential and commercial energy users.

4. The Energy Analysis

The Energy Analysis Software comprises four independent modules: audit, modeling, budgeting, and benchmarking. However, the main downside of this product is the modules are sold separately. Nonetheless, it’s a powerful and handy set of energy audit tools that will make your life as an energy auditor easier.


Targeted Retrofit Energy Analysis Tool (TREAT) is a leading energy audit software with two versions – single and multifamily.

This software can help you build mathematically accurate models and generate energy-saving estimates. It also has various programs, such as a cooling efficiency calculator. Their main customers are from the housing and construction market.  

Infographic of more energy audit tools (software)

Jumpstart Your Energy Auditor Career

Sustainability Education Academy (Sustemy) offers a structured training program for anyone who wants to be an Investment Grade Energy Auditor. We offer online courses to help you advance your career in the sustainability industry. If you want to focus on honing your energy auditing skills and become more proficient with the energy audit tools, you will find our Energy Audit Tools Course helpful. 

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