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Welcome to this course, the fourth in a five part series for energy auditors! In this course you’ll be introduced to tools for energy auditors. Whether you are setting up as an energy auditor for the first time, or already have some audit tools, generally the more tools you have, the better the audit you can deliver. Provided they are deployed sensibly, and you have a good understanding of exactly what the energy user wants from the energy audit. In this course we look at the tools auditors commonly need, and provide advice on their selection.

Course overview

The course has 3 main sections:

  1. Measurement tools – covering the tools you use for measurements on site.
  2. Data logging. This covers the use of data loggers, and other sources of data.
  3. Computing & visual communication tools. You’ll learn about a range of tools available. There are lots of links in this section to useful external resources. 


Each section of the course has a short quiz after it. You don’t need to complete the quiz to progress to the next lesson, but if you do, and pass all the quizzes, you’ll get a certificate of achievement on course completion, and be issued with a digital badge that you can put on your Linkedin profile or elsewhere.

Before you start the first lesson read this to get the most from the course

Before you start spend a few moments jotting down exactly what you want to learn, and focus on that. Don’t feel you need to complete each lesson. To make it easy to do this each lesson has a summary at the start of each section which you can skim through and decide if that lesson is for you. 

In some lessons you may be asked to write your thoughts in the comment box below the lesson. Please do this to get the most from the lesson, and you might see some interesting comments from other students too. 

You may also find it easier to watch the videos at a faster speed. Its easy to adjust the speed in the video player, press on the gear icon in the player then select the speed you want to play it at.


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