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Prerequisite skills

This course is for trainers and practitioners in Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering.

What you’ll learn

Solar Passive Design is one of 7 sub-courses in the training program Energy Efficient and Climate Responsive Building Envelope Design, developed specifically for building design professionals and trainers. In Solar Passive Design, we will discuss the evolution of built forms, strategies used in traditional architecture and recognize the need for energy efficiency in design.

This course has 3 lessons:

  • Lessons from Vernacular Architecture. This lesson discusses how built forms evolved and what influenced traditional design in the past.
  • Solar Passive Design Strategies. This lesson discusses the practical strategies of design that were utilized in vernacular architecture.
  • Introduction to Energy Efficient Buildings.  This lesson establishes the need for energy efficiency and identifies the basic principles to achieve this in design.

Learning objectives

As you go through this course on Solar Passive Design, define objectives for yourself as a building science professional. Additionally, you can also take note of the following objectives that we have outlined for you.

  • Lessons from Vernacular Architecture
    • Describe how built forms evolved in response to climate
    • Identify key attributes of vernacular architecture
    • Distinguish between vernacular and modern architecture
    • Reflect on the features that make vernacular architecture energy efficient
  • Solar Passive Design Strategies
    • Learn the definition of solar passive architecture and the process
    • Learn the principles and understand the advantages of some of the solar passive design strategies
  • Introduction to Energy Efficient Buildings
    • Explain the basis for designing energy efficient buildings
    • Define and distinguish an energy efficient building
    • List the steps to achieve energy efficiency in buildings
    • Identify energy efficient buildings


Each module has a learning activity after it. You don’t need to complete the activity to progress to the next lesson, but if you do the learning activity, and pass it,  then you’ll get a certificate of achievement on course completion, and be issued with a digital badge that you can put on your LinkedIn profile or elsewhere.

You may also aim to complete the 7 sub courses. After which you will eligible to undertake an  appraisal activity for you to earn a Certificate of Competency in Energy Efficient and Climate Responsive Building Envelope Design.

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France Rapiz
Posted 1 day ago
Streamlined and compact

The course, though short, is quite comprehensive. The videos are streamlined and clutter-free. Although it could use a bit more of animation in some places (e.g., to show movement of air), I appreciate that it is not visually assaulting (as can happen with too many visuals). Assessments are thought provoking and it leaves enough for the students to want to learn more on their own.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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