Energy Audits Courses - Commissioning, Managing and Reviewing an Energy Audit

Commissioning, Managing and Reviewing an Energy Audit

Master the art of commissioning and managing energy audits to drive efficiency and savings.

  • Learn how to assess the need for an energy audit and minimize associated risks.
  • Gain skills in scoping, commissioning, and budgeting for successful energy audits.
  • Acquire the expertise to effectively review and assess audit findings, and take steps toward implementation.

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This course includes :

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Implementation of an Energy Audit

Many business owners, executives, and managers are happy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an energy audit of their facility. However, most don’t understand what’s involved, what to expect, and how to assess the recommendations in the audit. 

The energy audit becomes a gamble for many organizations that usually doesn’t pay off due to the lack of knowledge – resulting in a 50% chance that no energy-saving recommendations from the audit will be implemented. Our Commissioning, Managing, and Reviewing an Energy Audit remedies that.

Our Commissioning, Managing, and Reviewing an Energy Audit is accredited by ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association) and completing this course will also earn you 30 CEC (Clean Energy Council) CPD points.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to take the risk out of an energy audit
  • How to determine if you should undertake an energy audit
  • How to scope, commission and budget for an energy audit
  • Manage the undertaking of an energy audit
  • Review and assess an energy audits findings
  • Move ahead with implementation of the energy audit’s recommendations

Commissioning, Managing, and Reviewing an Energy Audit Description

This course is accredited by ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association). It is ideal for business owners and managers who operate manufacturing plants, facilities, and buildings that consume large amounts of energy to run their operations. The course teaches you how to commission, manage, and review an energy audit.

If you want to take an energy audit to reduce energy use, have been advised to undertake one, or have been given funding for an audit, this course will help you prepare and ensure a successful outcome.

Our Commissioning, Managing, and Reviewing an Energy Audit course aims to turn every energy audit into an investment rather than a gamble.  

Your instructor has assisted energy users achieve measured reductions in their energy use of up to 80%. He is an energy auditor who has undertaken energy audits of hundreds of facilities:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Municipal buildings
  • Factories
  • Food manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Primary producers



Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to additional formal learning activities that are required to maintain a professional certification or accreditation. 

CE or CPD comes in many names but represents the same thing. Here are some of them that may be used in your country: 

  • CPD – Continuing Professional Development
  • CEU – Continuing Education Units
  • PDH – Professional Development Hours
  • CEP – Continuing Education Programs
  • CPC – Continuing Professional Competency

Many of our courses provide Continuing Professional Development credits, points, hours, or units. To learn more about Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development, please read here.


When you pass all the quizzes in this course, you’ll get a certificate of achievement on course completion, with a QR code that when scanned validates its authenticity. Use this certificate to demonstrate to employees and others your growing sustainability credentials!

This Course Is Perfect For:

  • Business owners
  • Government officials managing facilities
  • Facility, building, and manufacturing plant managers
  • Anyone in the industrial sector tasked to commission an energy audit
  • Anyone in the industrial sector tasked to implement the recommendations in an energy audit

As a production manager, facility manager, environmental officer, sustainability manager, finance manager, general manager, or CEO of your business or organization, your time is essential. 

This course provides procedures that you can follow to save time while ensuring that you get value from the energy audit. Lessons are to the point and can be applied immediately.

Become an Investment Grade Energy Auditor

If you want to further improve your commissioning, managing and reviewing an energy audit skills, we highly recommend completing our Investment Grade Energy Auditor (IGEA) certification. 

By acquiring a IGEA certificate, you’ll be qualified to conduct professional energy audits for corporations, manufacturing plants, buildings, and other establishments in the industrial sector.

 This Commissioning, Managing and Reviewing an Energy Audit course is the first part of the IGEA certification program (part one of eight).


Part 1: Undertaking an Energy Audit

Every energy auditor should undertake this course to see the audit from the other side of the fence, thus improving their ability to engage with energy users effectively.

Presents a process that, when followed, results in successful audits being delivered. You can apply this process to deliver an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) / Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS).

This course will teach the fundamental concepts of physics and engineering that energy auditors must know.

This course introduces energy auditors to tools, both essential and nice-to-have, for undertaking energy audits.


Part 2: Energy Using Technologies and Savings Opportunities

Learn the fundamentals of energy-efficient lighting in this course, and save more lighting energy!

Knowing how to minimize HVAC energy use is core knowledge every energy manager, energy auditor, HVAC contractor, or consultant needs.

This course covers both domestic hot water and water use more extensively.

This course covers electric motors, compressed air, refrigeration, and steam, and it provides an introduction to these technologies and energy efficiency opportunities.

Course Content

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Lesson Content
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Getting your organization ready
Define exactly what you want from the audit
Learn about energy audits
Should I commission an energy audit?
Alternatives to an energy audit
Lesson Content
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Scoping your energy audit
Managing energy audit risk
How much does an audit cost?
Assessing energy audit proposals
Lesson Content
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Managing and assisting the energy audit
Assess the audit
Lesson Content
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Implement the audits recommendations
Review achievements after implementing recommendations

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Posted 3 days ago


Preview Image
Posted 1 week ago
how important energy audits can be

i enjoyed the majority as it was very educational to me as i usually only work domestic but showed alot of avenues where i would not have once thought to look at ways to save electricity

Preview Image
Posted 2 weeks ago
Preparing the Energy Audit

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note to express my heartfelt thanks for such an awesome course experience. Everything was crystal clear and downright enjoyable!I loved how you structured the course. The flow from one topic to the next felt totally natural, and each module built perfectly on the last. It was clear you put a lot of thought into crafting such a well-rounded curriculum.

Preview Image
Joshua Chilmaid
Posted 2 weeks ago
Sustemy Course

Very informative.

Preview Image
samphors samphors
Posted 2 months ago
planning and preparing for energy audit.

Disliked: we should be have more quits. my expectation, we need to more research for new technology to be saving and easy for our auditor.

Preview Image
Posted 9 months ago
A must do!

This is a great introduction to energy auditing from a client perspective. There is more work to commissioning a successful audit than one might think. Bruce is clearly passionate about what he does and is a great teacher.

Preview Image
Keith Murray
Posted 1 year ago
Jam packed with hands-on experience!!

Found the course very engaging and informative.

Preview Image
Bruce Jenkin
Posted 1 year ago
There is a lot involved in an Energy Audit.

I found it interesting that an Energy Audit is not just the Auditor, but to have it done effectively and efficiently, is to involve all other people in the business to have their say. This should include the workers on the floor as well as within management sector.

Preview Image
Jeremy Canard
Posted 3 years ago
Very informative and practical

Very important course to understand the energy auditing process from a client perspective and to ensure recommended actions are implemented. During this course, Bruce's draw from previous experience in successful and sometime more difficult energy audits. Very valuable short course to have a good understanding in how to conduct energy audits.

Preview Image
Prakash Gyawali
Posted 3 years ago
Great information about Energy audit training

The course is so fruitful for new energy auditor who wants to know practical information about an energy audit.

Preview Image
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Includes Certificate of Competency

This course includes :

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