Introduction to Interval Data Analysis

Equip yourself with the skills to make data-driven decisions and optimize energy usage

  • Learn to source and transform interval data for easy spreadsheet analysis.
  • Build load profiles to gain deep insights into your energy usage patterns.
  • Identify energy wastage, quantify potential savings, and assess the success of energy-saving measures.

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Interval Data Analysis Course

Did you know that most businesses and governments are missing out on the opportunity to reduce their energy use by between 5-10% at little or no cost? This opportunity also cuts their carbon emissions from energy use by 5-10%. 

As a result, a typical office firm unnecessarily spends around $4,000 and generates about 25 more tonnes of greenhouse gas – equivalent to the emissions of 6 cars each year.

You see, for the many businesses and governments, energy management is something that is put in the “too hard” basket. About all they do is negotiate a reasonable price for their electricity, gas, and fuel. Here is where interval data analysis comes in.

Interval data is electricity (occasionally gas) consumption data at closely spaced intervals, typically at 15, 30, or 60-minute intervals, showing the energy consumed in each interval. It’s absolute gold when it comes to identifying where there may be easy opportunities to reduce energy consumption.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to find and source interval data
  • How to transform interval data into a format useful for easy spreadsheet analysis
  • How to build a load profile for your site
  • How to use interval data to identify energy wastage
  • How to quantify the amount of energy you could save
  • How to see if measures to reduce energy wastage have been successful

Introduction to Interval Data Analysis Description

This Interval Data Analysis Course shows you where you can get interval data from, how to manipulate it into a useful format (yes, even with NEM12 formatted data), how to match it to how your site is actually used, and how to identify and quantify energy savings opportunities. 

This Interval Data Analysis Course builds on the instructor’s experience analyzing interval data for hundreds of buildings. 

“I actually wish that I had this training available back when I started because it would have saved countless hours of figuring out how to work with awkward data files.”

The training covers the four main formats in which interval data is usually provided. Its focus is not on teaching you about interval data but on giving you the three key skills to do something with interval data. It is set out in such a way that only once you’ve mastered the first skill can you move on to the second skill. Similarly, only once you’ve mastered the second skill can you move on to the third skill, and then you are also tested on your knowledge of the third skill to ensure that you’ve completely understood the lessons. 

This Interval Data Analysis Course isn’t a webinar or quick demonstration. It systematically shows you what to do and makes sure you know how to do it. And once you have completed the course and have the spreadsheet skills to work with interval data, you’ll have none of the constraints of a third-party spreadsheet or online portal when analyzing your data.

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This Interval Data Analysis Course Is Perfect For:

Interval data provides you with the fastest and easiest way to identify and quantify opportunities to cut your energy use. A small investment in learning how to use it will help you save money for your organization and cut your carbon footprint.

This Introduction to Interval Data Analysis Course is ideal for:

  • Facilities managers
  • Energy managers
  • Business owners
  • Environmentalists

If you want to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, interval data is vital when it comes to identifying opportunities to save energy and cut emissions.

Interval Data May Be Free, But Its in a Horrible Format

You may be able to get interval data for your site for free. But it will most likely be in a format that you can’t make sense of. It will be in a massive spreadsheet or other file types, and there won’t be any graphs or any guidance on how to make sense of the data. 

If you are in Australia, it will probably be very hard to use the NEM12 format. Then, once you’ve made sense of it, it won’t guide you in identifying and quantifying the energy-saving opportunities.

And you may not have many other options. You might be able to subscribe to a data portal, but these often come with a hefty subscription charge. Although they do provide a lot of graphs, they don’t generally provide you with enough information to figure out the dollars you might be able to save and if it’s worthwhile taking action. Or you could purchase a $595 spreadsheet that could help you graph the data – which seems like a pretty expensive spreadsheet!

So this is why we are delighted to present to you this introductory training Interval Data Analysis Course on interval data analysis.


This Interval Data Analysis Course assumes an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel and an ability to determine electricity tariff’s from an electricity bill. If you pass all the assessments in this course, you will be eligible to purchase a Certificate of Competence. An expert energy auditor has prepared the assessment, and it is based on key areas that demonstrate competence.

This course is accredited by ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association).

Ratings and Reviews

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Luigi Taddeo
Posted 2 years ago
Super helpful course on energy data

The course shows how to get useful insights around the energy consumed at a site, with a few possible solutions and quick wins. It shows how powerful energy data can be, how to quickly demonstrate the energy consumption and cost in order to also facilitate further discussions towards taking actions with managers and decision makers.

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Jeremy Canard
Posted 2 years ago
Data analysis for energy audits

Very valuable skills gained in this course in how to process data more efficiently during energy auditing. The instruction video on excel are easy to follow too.

Preview Image
Vishnu Kumar
Posted 3 years ago
A very handy course for energy analysts

An excellent course for those who're into energy data analysis. Learnt of many excel techniques that'll help me with scrutinizing large data sets better/more efficiently.

Preview Image
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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

I urge you to take this course, and look forward to teaching you.

Interval Data Analysis Course Pre-requisites

This Interval Data Analysis Course assumes an intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Excel, and an ability to determine electricity tariff’s from an electricity bill.

34.99 $Add to cart

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Certificate of competency $23.32

This course includes :

Templates and checklists
Engaging video


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