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This introductory course is for practitioners in the field of sociology, social work, communications, marketing, human resources, education and international studies. The learner may already have some knowledge about corporate social responsibility, strategic and team management and corporate communications in different capacities. 

What You’ll Learn

The importance of corporate social responsibility as a strategic business component is given emphasis in this course. When tied to the organizational culture, CSR ensures that the organization’s operations will benefit the greater community.

This course has 6 lessons:

  1. CSR Definition –  This lesson defines and differentiates CSR from philanthropy.
  2. Core Business Elements – This lesson discusses the purpose of an organization and uses the concept of the Golden Circle to identify core business elements.
  3. Business Stakeholders – This lesson discusses stakeholders as any or all entities that have a working relationship with the business.  
  4. SWOT Analysis – This lesson utilizes a SWOT analysis as a guide to come up with a sustainable CSR program.
  5. Sustainable Development Goals – This lesson introduces the UN’s SDGs as a framework within which to implement CSR initiatives.
  6. Final Considerations – This lesson discusses recommendations to ensure the CSR strategy is well-executed and delivers desirable results.

Learning Objective

  • Define CSR and Philanthropy
  • Differentiate between CSR and Philanthropy
  • Identify a company’s core business elements
  • Identify stakeholders and understand their needs
  • Get to know the UN’s SDG Framework for the implementation of a CSR Program
  • Develop a CSR Program linked with the SDG Framework


There are learning activities within the course. You do not need to complete the activity to progress to the next lesson but if you do, and pass it, you earn a certificate of completion that lists the competencies gained from the course.

Ratings and Reviews

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Dylan Middleton
Posted 4 days ago
Insightful for its length

Thanks for the course. It was insightful and the final example very useful

Anabell Villanueva
Posted 3 days ago

Thank you Dylan for your feedback! We appreciated a lot.

Merly Blanco
Posted 2 weeks ago
Excellent content!

Thank you for the great content! Everything is easy to understand and I totally loved the last part where I had a clear understanding of having a GOOD CSR Strategy! Thank you!!

Jenelly Grace Laroco
Posted 4 weeks ago
Definitely worth it!

The course content is very useful and organized. I learned a lot.

Anabell Villanueva
Posted 3 days ago

Thank you so much! I hope you will design a great CSR strategy!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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