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Course overview

There are 4 main sections:

  1. Planning for the audit. This is where you get your organization ready to invest in energy efficiency, learn more about what is involved, define the outcome you are looking for and assess if an audit is appropriate for your organization and if not, the alternatives available to you. By following the guidance in this section you’ll greatly increase the value you get from the audit. Failing to plan is planning to fail!
  2. Preparing for the audit. In this lesson you’ll learn how to scope the audit, about what you should do to manage audit risk – before the audit – forewarned is forearmed. You’ll also learn how to assess proposals, and get a rough idea of audit costs.
  3. Undertaking the audit. This is where you’ll learn how to manage and work with the energy auditor, and how to assess the recommendations put forward and select which ones to implement.
  4. After the audit. This section provides guidance on the three steps involved in implementing the audit’s recommendations and reviewing achievements, after the energy savings measures have been implemented.


Each section of the course has a short quiz after it. You don’t need to complete the quiz to progress to the next lesson, but if you do pass the quiz you’ll get a certificate of achievement on course completion, and be issued with a digital badge that you can put on your Linkedin profile or elsewhere.

Before you start the first lesson read this to get the most from the course

Before you start spend a few moments jotting down exactly what you want to learn, and focus on that. Don’t feel you need to complete each lesson. To make it easy to do this each lesson has a summary at the start of each section which you can skim through and decide if that lesson is for you.

You may also find it easier to watch the videos at a faster speed. Its easy to adjust the speed in the video player, press on the gear icon in the player then select the speed you want to play it at.

Learn from a case study

This case study provides insights into how an organization can benefit from an energy audit. I suggest you review it now, before you start going through the lessons, and again after going through the course.

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