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Welcome to this course! Be ready to learn the fundamental concepts of climate change, carbon risks, carbon footprint, and carbon disclosure. Enhance your skills as you apply these concepts in several exercises, assessments, and case study analysis. 

Course overview

The course will walk you through these five lessons:

  1. Fundamentals of climate change: Know its basic concepts and its global impact
  2. Public policies approach: Learn the different approaches made by governments and evaluate which approach is the most appropriate
  3. Corporate carbon risk: Evaluate case studies and learn how businesses are affected by extreme weather events
  4. Carbon footprint: Learn how to compute carbon footprint and its importance
  5. Carbon disclosure: Analyze the strategy of the Carbon Disclosure Project

Learning outcomes

  • Identify the causes and effects of climate change
  • Explain the different climate trends
  • Discuss the goal of the Paris Agreement
  • Analyze and evaluate the different carbon policy approach
  • Explain the key concepts of carbon risk
  • Evaluate corporate climate risks
  • Analyze case studies about how extreme weather events affect businesses
  • Apply carbon risk management techniques
  • Explain the importance of computing the carbon footprint
  • Practice computing the carbon footprint
  • Examine the corporate reporting landscape


Each section of the course has a short quiz after it. You don’t need to complete the quiz to progress to the next lesson. Still, if you do and pass all the quizzes, you’ll get a certificate of achievement on course completion and be issued with a digital badge that you can put on your LinkedIn profile or elsewhere. 

Read this first to get the most from the course

Before you start, spend a few moments jotting down exactly what you want to learn, and focus on that. Don’t feel you need to complete each lesson. To make it easy to do this, each lesson has a summary at the start of each section, which you can skim through and decide if that lesson is for you. 

In some lessons, you may be asked to write your thoughts in the comment box below the lesson. Please do this to get the most from the lesson, and you might see some interesting comments from other students too. 

You may also find it easier to watch the videos at a faster speed. It’s easy to adjust the video player’s speed, press on the gear icon in the player, and then select the speed you want to play it at.

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Jenelly Grace Laroco
Posted 4 weeks ago
Great content!

I learned a lot from this course. Totally worth it!

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