Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting is everywhere, and simply by upgrading legacy lighting to LED savings are achieved. But if all you know is “LED is efficient” you are missing out on many more opportunities to save energy with lighting. Learn the fundamentals of energy efficient lighting in this course, and save more lighting energy!

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What you’ll learn

  • How lighting works, and the characteristics of light
  • The four components of a light fixture – and why each one is important
  • How to do calculations related to lighting – and be tested on your ability to do these calculations
  • How to prioritise opportunities to save lighting energy
  • How you might actually increase energy use when doing a lighting upgrade – and how to avoid this.
  • How to develop a robust business case for an energy efficient lighting upgrade.

Energy Efficient Lighting Description

When it comes to saving energy, lighting looks easy. All you have to is replace the existing lights, with LED, right? 

But in actual fact it’s a lot more than that. And if you aren’t careful, those LED lights you put in may fail early, resulting in unwanted expense trying to fix the problem. At worst, a poorly specified and implemented lighting upgrade could even cause a fire. 

Getting the greatest savings from a lighting upgrade in many cases involves much more than putting in a LED light. 

And without a good understanding of lighting those relying and trusting on your advice could be losing out. Losing out on additional savings that may have been achieved had you known a bit more about lighting. 

This course helps you learn about energy efficient lighting by firstly developing a good understanding of the fundamental of light. You’ll then learn about the four components of a lighting fixture, and how each is important to having an efficient light. 

You’ll then learn a systematic process for identifying lighting inefficiencies, using a Sankey diagram, and how to apply the energy efficiency hierarchy. The energy efficiency hierarchy helps you identify a large range of opportunities, no matter what type of building and what type of lighting. 

The course then looks at some of the practical concerns and issues associated with lighting upgrades and the control of lights. 

You’ll then learn about assessing existing lighting, and those interactive effects that might either increase, or possibly decrease the energy savings that arise from a lighting upgrade. 

Finally it finishes off with guidance on preparing the business case for a lighting upgrade.

Who this course is for

Energy Efficient Lighting is for those undertaking energy audits, anywhere, and for facility and energy managers seeking to reduce their energy usage, carbon footprint and costs. 

It’s also for electricians and solar installers who are seeking other opportunities to help their clients reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. 

This course is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have little or no knowledge or experience with lighting
  • You have energy auditing experience, but are finding that the upgrades you specify aren’t working as well as you would like. 
  • You come from an electrical trades background, and are looking to understand more about lighting fundamentals so that you can provide better lighting upgrades and advice. 
  • You want to learn how to maximize lighting savings.

More reliably achieve large lighting energy savings

If this course on energy efficient lighting doesn’t help you more reliably achieve large lighting savings, let us know when you’ve completed the course and we’ll refund the cost of the course.


This course is linked to the energy auditing series of courses (as described below), and is part of the section on that series focused on energy using technologies.

If you are an energy auditor, all of the Section One courses listed below are recommended pre-requisites. If you are a facility manager, energy manager or electrician, taking the course Energy Fundamentals for Energy Auditors is recommended before this course.

The energy audit series of courses

Section One – Undertaking an Energy Audit

Part 1: Commissioning and Managing an Energy Audit, is primarily aimed at energy users, but every energy auditor should also undertake this course to be able to see the audit from the other side of the fence, and thus improve your ability to effectively engage with energy users. 

Part 2: Process of Undertaking a Successful Audit, presents a process, that when followed, will help you undertake successful audits. This process can be applied to deliver an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) or Detailed Feasibility Study (DFS).

Part 3: Energy Fundamentals for Energy Auditors. In this course you’ll learn the key concepts from physics and engineering that energy auditors need to know. 

Part 4: Tools for Energy Auditors. This course introduces energy auditors to tools, both essential and nice-to-have, for undertaking energy audits.

Section 2 – Energy using technologies and energy savings opportunities

Energy Efficient Lighting (this course). Learn the fundamentals of energy efficient lighting in this course, and save more lighting energy!

Fundamentals of Energy Efficient HVAC. Knowing how to minimize HVAC energy use is core knowledge every energy manager, energy auditor, HVAC contractor or consultant needs.

Energy and Water Savings with Domestic Hot Water. This course covers both domestic hot water and water use more broadly. Being released shortly

Introduction to Energy Efficiency in Industrial systems. Covering electric motors, pumps and fans, refrigeration, steam and compressed air this course provides an introduction to these technologies and energy efficiency opportunities. Being released later in 2021

Section 3 – Prepare and submit an Investment Grade Audit

Successful completion of all eight courses listed above in the series, along with submission and satisfactory grading of a final assignment (an energy audit), will result in you being issued with a Certificate of Competence in Investment Grade Energy Auditing.


If you pass all the assessments in this course you will be issued with a Certificate of Competence in the Fundamentals of Energy Efficient Lighting.

The assessment has been prepared by an expert, and is based on those key areas which demonstrate competence.

Read more about the Sustainability Education Academy Certification here

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Sheikh Khaleduzzaman Shah
Posted 4 months ago
A great course on lighting

The course "Energy Efficient Lighting" has highly practical content that motivates me to learn more in-depth about lighting efficiency. I found course content is helpful, practical and updated with modern energy phenomena. The quiz content gives me practical awareness about how to save money and reduce carbon emission. I highly encourage others to take this course to expand their knowledge.

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This course includes :


Links to additional learning

Certificate of competency

Engaging video

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