Climate and Buildings

A sustainable building is not only thermally comfortable, but also takes into consideration climatic conditions. If the building envelope design factors climate, artificial heating and cooling requirements will be kept to a minimum thereby lessening carbon emissions.

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What you’ll learn

  • The historical backdrop and key components of the earth’s climate system
  • The laws that govern the sun-earth relationship
  • Differentiating climate and weather phenomenon
  • Key features of macroclimate and microclimate
  • Climate classification systems
  • Climate parameters and their instrumentation
  • Interpreting a solar path diagram
  • Interpreting data in a wind rose diagram
  • Extracting meteorological data to prepare with Mahoney Tables
  • Calculating heating and cooling degree days
  • Understanding the outcome of the foregoing tools and techniques for an effective building envelope design


Continued industrialization equates to building more and more infrastructure. More buildings also mean increased carbon emissions and these emissions start as early as the construction phase to the actual operational phase of these buildings that last decades. We look at just one aspect, that is the use of fossil-fuel-based energy, to provide thermal comfort and we can already see the huge environmental impact of a poorly designed building. The continued and potentially excessive use of fossil fuel-based energy contributes to increasing global temperature, which in turn worsens climate change.

While alternative energy sources are being perfected, every other industry can make small contributions that, when put together, may also have significant impact to preserving natural resources. For building professionals, one way is to understand climate and use climate data to design energy efficient buildings. Various tools aid in gathering climate data and from this data, recommendations are available to address comfort requirements. If an area has a predominantly warm climate, the building design may require more ventilation, a specific type of glazing, a veranda. If the area for a new building is mostly cold, the building design might require ways to trap heat, darker colors, thicker walls. All these are dependent on the climatic features of the area in consideration. Ultimately, the goal is to design a climate-responsive building which in turn may help reverse or slow down the environmental impact of industrialization.

Who this course is for

This course is for students, trainers and practitioners in Architecture, Interior Design and Engineering.

Part of a series of courses

This course is one of 7 courses for the series Energy Efficient and Climate Responsive Building Envelope Design. The courses for which are listed below:

Part 1: Solar Passive Design

Part 2: Climate and Buildings

Part 3: Building Physics Basics (Under development)

Part 4: Thermal Comfort (Under development)

Part 5: Daylighting Design (Under development)

Part 6: Building Envelope Design (Under development)

Part 7: Low Energy Thermal Comfort Design (Under development)


If you pass all the assessments in this course you will be issued with a Certificate of Competence in Climate Data Interpretation and Climate-Responsive Passive Design Strategies.

The assessment has been prepared by an expert, and is based on those key areas which demonstrate competence.

Read more about the Sustainability Education Academy Certification here

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Sheikh Khaleduzzaman Shah
Posted 4 months ago
love this short course

I am very happy that I have the opportunity to get the Sustemy courses and learn and expand my knowledge within the renewable energy field. In specific this climate-related course introduces me to some new topics which are essential as a renewable energy engineer. The content of course is intensive and given proper direction. However in quiz section need to bit improve in terms of answer checking.

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This course includes :


Certificate of competency

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