How to Work Overseas in Energy Efficiency

According to the New Climate Economy Working Paper, the global energy system has undergone “unprecedented” expansion as energy demand has grown almost 60% since 1990. Energy efficiency is essential for delivering affordable energy, especially in developing countries, and for ensuring that existing energy production infrastructure is not overloaded by the increase in demand. It also …

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What is a Passively Cooled Building?

Designing a home without consideration for the local climate can make it unlivable without depending on air conditioning. And if you are concerned about the environment and climate change, air conditioning is bad news! With most electrical grids using fossil fuels to generate electricity, not only is air conditioning expensive to install and operate, it …

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What is Energy Efficiency?

Article Summary: Energy efficiency is all about using less energy to get the same result. By adopting energy-efficient products and practices, we can save money on power bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower the strain on energy infrastructure, and increase security for countries that depend on energy imports. Learn more about the benefits, challenges, and …

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