Natali Gómez Leguizamo

Hi! My name is Natali Gómez Leguizamo and I am an environmental engineer with a postgraduate in Environment System. I have experience in environmental risk management, sustainability, legal assessment, solid waste management, chemical risk management, and answering requests from environmental authorities.
Since 2016, I have led the design, implementation, and certification of corporate environmental management systems in six countries in Latinamerica. Moreover, I have been a consultant for the design and implementation of corporate risk management systems from the environmental risk perspective.

I have supported corporate sustainability strategies to achieve high levels of environmental performance. It can be illustrated in the adaptation to climate change plannings, life cycle analysis, and waste management.

Finally, I have assisted in composing reports to environmental authorities, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

I want to share my expertise in carbon disclosure from a practical perspective and as a corporate opportunity. This course will provide corporate sustainability teams, environmental professionals and individuals interested in carbon disclosure with the basic tools to know why and how to calculate, understand, manage and disclose their carbon footprint and corporate risks.

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