Lucinda Joura

Lucinda is a writing and publishing professional, specialising in online and educational content. She is passionate about conservation and completed her postgraduate studies in environmental management and sustainability with the University of Newcastle in Australia. Living on a rural property in Argentine Patagonia, she enjoys putting her knowledge to practical use on the farm. If she is not daydreaming about her next scuba diving destination, you'll find her chasing escaped farm animals, sewing, or reading a good book with the dogs and cat by her side.

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7 Skills for Success in Energy Efficiency

Article summary: Like any career, jobs in energy efficiency need both hard and soft skills, and the qualifications vary depending on the position. But there’s a few skills that will come in handy for any role in the energy sector, including engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Read on to learn what they are!  All jobs require …

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How to Craft your Resume for the Sustainability Sector

You’ve always loved nature and now that you’ve graduated, you’re filled with an urgent drive to do something to help the planet; or you’re a job changer who wants to make a difference; or you might already be in a green role and are looking to develop your career. After scouring job boards, you find …

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6 High-Paying Jobs in Sustainability

Article Summary: Sustainability is a growing trend in business and industry, especially in a post-COVID world. As more and more companies develop new positions and roles to implement sustainable practices, careers in sustainability are increasing and becoming more lucrative. Learn more about six high-paying jobs in sustainability.  Doctors, lawyers, CEOs… It might not be at …

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What is Energy Efficiency?

Article Summary: Energy efficiency is all about using less energy to get the same result. By adopting energy-efficient products and practices, we can save money on power bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower the strain on energy infrastructure, and increase security for countries that depend on energy imports. Learn more about the benefits, challenges, and …

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Key Tips to Excel in Your Sustainability Career

Now, more than ever before, being environmentally responsible is a necessity, rather than a way of life. No longer entrenched in the realm of hippies, thrift shoppers, and early adopters, sustainability has become a legitimate concern and goal for us all. As the Earth’s climate changes accelerate, it is critical that we incorporate sustainable practices …

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