Bruce Rowse

Bruce is a mechanical engineer with an MBA who has worked in project management, business development, consulting, business management. His consulting experience covers a wide range of sectors, including education (schools, higher education), government (local, state, federal), health care (hospitals, health services), chemical manufacturing, food manufacturing, hospitality (hotels, restaurants, cafes), leisure and entertainment (swimming pools, indoor sports, stadiums, cinemas), maritime (ports, ships), agriculture (dairy, fruit growing) and commerce (warehouses).

He also has direct experience as a business owner, having founded, operated and eventually sold energy efficiency consultancy CarbonetiX.

He has worked in Africa, Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific for a range of organisations from SMEs through to not for profits and governments. Bruce has a strong interest in energy efficiency policy, and helped contribute to the Malaysian five year development plan 2016-2020 with respect to energy efficiency.

Bruce is a member of AS/NZS committee EN001, and contributed to the writing of AS/NZS AS 3598, 2014, Energy Audit Standards.

He delivers training for the Energy Efficiency Council and is an assessor for AIRAH (Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating). Bruce is a regular guest lecturer at RMIT University and Melbourne University.

He is a Level 4 instructor for the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO) and is chair of their Extended Training Committee.

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