About Us

Our Purpose -Sustainability Skill Building

With massive pressures on our natural environment due to human activity, the world is crying out for people with the skills and knowledge needed to enable us all to live long and healthy and creative lives but without compromising the biosphere for our children and future generations.

The purpose of the Sustainability Education Academy is to make it easy for both those already working sustainability and those wanting to work in sustainability to quickly learn and get better at transforming our economy to one with zero emissions and zero environmental harm.


We operate with the following CARE principles

Complete training, not just videos

Our focus is on providing courses that are relevant and engaging and very importantly, are really effective in improving skills and knowledge. Since feedback is so essential to learning anything courses incorporate assessments and forums, and where feasible, workshops with other participants.

Affordable and accessible

We are strongly committed to making our courses affordable and accessible where ever sustainability skills are needed.

Recognition and certification

To aid in career progression those successfully completing courses are issued with Micro credentials and digital badges.

Expert Engagement

We aim to engage with sustainability experts everywhere who are looking to contribute to a more sustainable world by sharing their knowledge. If that’s you, and you wish to contribute please head over to our teach page Teach to learn how you can get involved.

Who we are

The Sustainability Education Academy is operated by 8020Green


We are strongly committed to making our courses affordable and accessible where ever sustainability skills are needed.

Bruce Rowse

Bruce Rowse

“Bruce has the gift of being able to see a very clear picture – discern what is important – take logical steps – create a plan – and then follow through to execute the plan. He has a methodical approach which is solution oriented and is willing to go way outside the square and then persist to deliver the objective. He has the ability, the courage, to clearly lay out a plan – a course of action and the ability to convey a clear factual picture to others for the benefit of others.” Geoff Williames, Managing Director, Williames Pty Ltd.

  • “I enjoyed Bruce's delivery -he was very knowledgeable and clear in his delivery.”
  • “Bruce was a great presenter, especially in difficult circumstances trying to run a course online”
  • “Bruce presented and taught the material in a clear and concise matter, and related the theory to real world examples. Excellent course!”