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The Most Sustainable Companies in 2023 vs 2022

In an era marked by increasing environmental consciousness and a global push for sustainability, the spotlight is firmly on companies that are leading the charge toward a more eco-friendly and socially responsible future. The title of the most sustainable companies in 2023 has seen some shifts since the previous year, highlighting the dynamic nature of the corporate sustainability landscape.

But before we dive into the top 10 most environmentally sustainable companies of 2023, let’s take a moment to understand the ranking process.

How are the Rankings Determined?

The assessment and recognition of sustainable companies are often carried out by independent rating agencies and organisations, such as Corporate Knights Global 100, Sustainalytics Corporate Sustainability Assessment, and CDP 100. These entities meticulously evaluate companies based on predefined criteria, considering their environmental impact, social initiatives, governance practices, and commitment to sustainable development.

While such ranking provides valuable insights into corporate sustainability efforts, it’s important to acknowledge that each ranking system may have its strength and weaknesses. Factors like the scope of the evaluation, data availability, and specific weighting of criteria may vary between different rankings, leading to variations in the final rankings.

For example, the Corporate Knights Global 100 is a comprehensive ranking that considers a wide range of ESG factors. However, it can be difficult to compare companies across different industries because the ranking does not weight the different factors equally.

The Sustainalytics Corporate Sustainability Assessment is more focused on specific ESG factors, such as climate change and human rights. This makes it easier to compare companies across different industries. However, the assessment does not consider all ESG factors, so it may not be comprehensive enough for some investors.

The CDP 100 is a good option for investors who are concerned about climate change. However, the ranking does not consider other ESG factors, so it may not be suitable for investors who are looking for a more comprehensive assessment of a company’s ESG performance.

Here are some additional strengths and weaknesses of the ranking systems used to identify The Most Sustainable Companies:

strengths and weaknesses to identify The Most Sustainable Companies:

Ultimately, the best ranking for you will depend on your individual investment goals and preferences. It is important to do your own research and compare different rankings before making a decision.

How Can You Leverage these Rankings?

The rankings of the most sustainable companies in 2023 serve as more than just a list. They offer valuable insights that can guide individuals, investors, and businesses toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Here are several ways you can leverage these rankings:

  • Investing with Impact
    The rankings of the most sustainable companies present a treasure trove of information for socially responsible investors. When contemplating where to allocate funds, these rankings can guide investment decisions. Companies that excel in sustainability often demonstrate resilient business models, long-term viability, and reduced exposure to certain risks. By aligning your investments with companies that prioritise environmental and social considerations, you not only potentially support positive change but also foster a more sustainable future.
  • Drawing Inspiration for Your Business
    For business leaders and entrepreneurs, these rankings serve as a wellspring of inspiration. Studying the practices of the most sustainable companies can spark innovative ideas for your own business. Whether it’s adopting eco-friendly manufacturing processes, implementing employee well-being programs, or enhancing supply chain sustainability, these exemplary companies offer a blueprint for integrating sustainable practices into your operations.
  • Seeking an Employer with a Strong Sustainability Focus
    Job seekers often seek alignment between personal values and the companies they work for. The rankings of the most sustainable companies can guide your job search by highlighting organisations that are dedicated to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Joining a company that values sustainability can be professionally rewarding and personally fulfilling, allowing you to contribute to meaningful initiatives that extend beyond the workplace.
  • Encouraging Accountability and Advocacy
    Armed with insights from these rankings, you can engage in informed conversations and advocate for sustainability. By supporting and promoting companies that prioritise sustainability, you can contribute to a collective push for positive change. Additionally, you can hold companies accountable by encouraging transparency and urging them to address areas where improvements are needed.

Some additional ways to make use of the rankings:

  • Educating yourself about sustainability: The rankings can be a good point for learning more about sustainability. You can read the reports that accompany the rankings to learn more about the different factors that are considered in the assessment.
  • Engaging with your community: You can use the rankings to engage with your community about sustainability. For example, you can share the rankings with your friends and family to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability.
  • Advocating for change: You can use the rankings to advocate for change. For example, you can contact your elected officials and ask them to support policies that promote sustainability.

These rankings can be a valuable tool for anyone who is interested in sustainability. They can be used to identify companies that are leading the way, to find inspiration for your own sustainability initiatives, and to make informed consumer choices.

10 Most Sustainable Companies in 2023

As sustainability is increasingly important, companies worldwide are making big efforts to reduce their environmental impact and promote positive social change.

The following is a list of the top 10 most sustainable companies in 2023:

1Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc (US)  Steel Recycling (Materials)Leading the pack in 2023, Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. has earned an A+ rating for its outstanding environmental and social initiatives. The company’s commitment to responsible steel recycling, resource conservation, and community engagement sets a remarkable example for the industry.
2Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)  Wind Energy Solutions (Industrials)Vestas Wind Systems continues its impressive journey towards sustainability with a solid A rating. Vestas, a pioneer in wind energy solutions, continues to develop innovative and efficient wind turbine technologies, advancing the transition to clean and renewable energy sources.
3Brambles Ltd (Australia)  Supply Chain Solutions (Industrials)Brambles Ltd remains a sustainability champion in 2023, garnering an A rating. The company’s focus on supply chain sustainability through reusable packaging solutions reduces waste and promotes responsible logistics practices globally.
4Brookfield Renewable Partners LP (Bermuda)  Renewable Energy (Utilities)Brookfield Renewable Partners maintains its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability, securing an A rating. The company is dedicated to generating clean, renewable energy using sources such as hydropower, wind, and solar power contributing to a sustainable energy future.
5Autodesk Inc (US)  Sustainable Design (Information Technology)Autodesk Inc.’s continued dedication to sustainable design and technologies earned them an A rating in 2023. Autodesk’s software solutions enable sustainable design and construction practices, empowering industries to create more environmentally friendly structures.
6Evoqua Water Technologies Corp (US)  Water Treatment Solutions (Industrials)Evoqua Water Technologies demonstrates its commitment to water sustainability, earning an A rating. The company pioneers water treatment and management solutions, addressing water scarcity and pollution challenges with sustainable approaches.
7Stantec Inc (Canada)  Engineering and Consulting (Industrials)Stantec Inc’s A- rating is a testament to its efforts in environmental conservation and community development. Stantec is committed to designing and planning sustainable infrastructure projects that enhance communities while minimising environmental impact.
8Schneider Electric SE (France)Energy Management (Industrials)Schneider Electric remains a sustainability frontrunner with an A- rating. Schneider Electric focuses on energy efficiency and digital solutions, helping industries and buildings optimise energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
9Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy SA (Spain)Renewable Energy (Industrials)Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is recognised for its contributions to renewable energy and sustainability, securing an A- rating. The company plays a pivotal role in advancing wind power technology, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix.
10Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (Taiwan)Sustainable Transportation (Industrials)Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corp earns an A- rating for its efforts in sustainable transportation. The company’s high-speed rail system contributes to reducing carbon emissions and promoting greener travel options.

These companies have demonstrated exceptional commitment to sustainability by achieving high ratings based on rigorous assessment criteria. Their dedication to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance sets them apart as leaders in the sustainability landscape.

Link to 2023 Global 100 List here.

A Glimpse Back at 2022’s Sustainable Stars

1. Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark)

2. Chr Hansen Holding A/S (Denmark)

3. Autodesk Inc. (United States)

4. Schneider Electric SE (France)

5. City Developments Ltd (Singapore)

6. American Water Works Company Inc (United States)

7. Orsted A/S (Denmark)

8. Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC (United Kingdom)

9. Dassault Systemes SE (France)

10. Brambles Ltd (Australia)

The Most Sustainable Companies in 2023 vs 2022: Continuity and Change

As we compare the top 10 most sustainable companies in 2023 with their 2022 counterparts, we witness a seamless blend of continuity and change. Sustainability remains at the forefront of these companies’ missions, yet they continue to evolve and adapt their practices to address emerging challenges and opportunities. Let’s explore the key highlights of this comparison:

Continuity in Sustainability Commitment

Several companies have maintained their positions in both 2022 and 2023 lists, emphasizing their unwavering dedication to sustainability:

  1. Vestas Wind Systems A/S (Denmark): A leader in renewable energy solutions, Vestas remains at the forefront of sustainable practices. Its contributions to wind energy continue to power progress towards a greener world.
  2. Autodesk Inc (US): As an enabler of sustainable design and technologies, Autodesk continues to empower industries to integrate eco-friendly practices into their projects.
  3. Schneider Electric SE (France): Schneider Electric’s focus on energy efficiency and carbon neutrality underscores its consistent commitment to sustainability.
  4. Brambles Ltd (Australia): Brambles’ innovative circular business model for waste reduction and responsible resource management sustains its position in the top 10.

New Entrants and Pioneering Efforts

The 2023 list introduces new companies, showcasing their pioneering efforts in sustainability:

  1. Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc (US): Earning an A+ rating, Schnitzer Steel Industries stands out as a sustainability champion, emphasising responsible steel recycling and community engagement.
  2. Brookfield Renewable Partners LP (Bermuda): Contributing significantly to clean energy with its global portfolio, Brookfield Renewable Partners secures its position in the top 10.
  3. Evoqua Water Technologies Corp (US): Focusing on water sustainability, Evoqua Water Technologies plays a vital role in preserving this critical resource.
  4. Stantec Inc (Canada): Known for its commitment to environmental conservation and community development, Stantec establishes itself as a leading sustainable design and consulting firm.
  5. Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corp (Taiwan): Making an impact in sustainable transportation, Taiwan High-Speed Rail Corp’s efforts earn recognition in the top 10.

A Global Effort Towards Sustainability

Both the 2022 and 2023 lists demonstrate a global effort to promote sustainability. Companies from different countries and continents showcase their dedication to sustainable practices, creating a positive global impact.

While some companies maintain their positions, the introduction of new entrants reflects the growing awareness and urgency to embrace sustainability across industries and geographies.

Continuously Evolving Practices

As sustainability evolves, companies adapt their practices to align with emerging challenges and opportunities. The top sustainable companies of both years exemplify this adaptability and demonstrate the importance of staying proactive in addressing environmental, social, and economic concerns.

The Collective Power of Sustainable Companies

Collectively, the top sustainable companies of 2022 and 2023 set a powerful example for businesses worldwide. Their commitment to sustainability not only drives their success but also inspires others to integrate sustainable practices into their strategies and operations.

How These Companies Implement Sustainability

How to Know If a Company Is Sustainable in Six Ways

The journey to becoming one of the most sustainable companies involves a multi-faceted approach that spans environmental, social, and governance aspects. To gain a deeper understanding of how these companies implement sustainability practices, check out our comprehensive article, Six Ways to Know If That Company Is Sustainable and Worth Your Money. The article delves into the “HOW’s” of sustainable companies, shedding light on their strategies, initiatives, and best practices.


The annual ranking of the most sustainable companies in 2023 vs 2022 reflects the dynamic nature of corporate sustainability efforts. While some names remain consistent, new leaders emerge, showcasing the evolving landscape of responsible business practices. These companies serve as beacons of inspiration, demonstrating that profitability and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

As we celebrate their efforts, we are reminded that sustainability is not a static achievement but an ongoing journey. By prioritising sustainable practices and continuous improvement, these companies pave the way for a more sustainable, resilient, and thriving world.

Join the global movement towards sustainability and explore our Introduction to Net Zero course, which equips you with the knowledge and skills to contribute to the global effort of achieving net-zero emissions. If you’re looking at how to get into sustainability careers, take this course as your starting point.

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